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Who is the Grooming Guy
Letter from the Editor

Here, a few choice words from the guy who's going to make you look even better.

You’re here for a reason, right?   

Let me guess — that alcohol-based after shave has made you turn butcher meat red, yes?   Or maybe you’re tired of being called a Marxist hipster at work because, dammit, wearing a thick beard should transcend crap like trends.   Maybe you need a hand picking the right styling creme for your thinning hair (ouch, indeed, but suck it up), or a cut that’ll actually suit your face shape this time.  Or maybe, just maybe, you have no idea what it is you need. But, all you do know is that you’re tired of your same old grooming routine, and those drugstore aisles are starting to look awful long.  That’s all good, because that’s exactly what I want.

You’ve already done the hard part. You’ve realized that looking good makes you feel great, and that there’s a science to that. So now I want you to depend on me — and this here portal — to go the rest of the way. Within these infinite pages, you’ll find hair advice in the name of our own barbers, whose tips and videos will aid you in your quest for your perfect cut. And don’t be surprised to see stories from folks like the lady who does James Franco’s ‘stache for red carpet shows, skincare suggestions from reputable dermatologists, and haircut inspirations straight from that next World War II movie.

I know. Why me, and why doI think I know from this stuff? Aside from being a Chia pet from the neck up and having shaved my first moustache at age 12, I helped launch a successful Canadian men’s magazine 10 years ago — Sharp — and became their grooming expert during my tenure. I even won a few Procter & Gamble writing awards along the way. So, you know, I’m here to help.

Point is, glad you guys showed up. 

We’re going to make you look like champions, and you’re going to love it.

By Leo Petaccia: Editor-in-Chief of The Grooming Guy
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How To Talk Barber

Ever wondered what a “number two” or a “taper” meant? Here, a few key terms you should know to get just the cut you want.


For short cuts, where the sides and back meet seamlessly with the top. Starts as quite short at the base of the neck, then gradually lengthens while going upward to the temple.

Number One

Refers to the clipper grade, or how short you want the barber to go. The lower the number, the more cropped the cut (ours go from four to zero).

A little off the top

Another way of saying “just a trim.” Bear in mind that said trim will be relative to the rest of your hair’s length. Applies to shorter cuts.


A technique used to leave the top of the hair thicker and more layered, rather than flat and thinned out.


This is the back of your neck, and the hairline there should always be kept tidy, whether that means a defined hairline or natural fade.


Also known as bangs, this is that bit of lengthy hair that grows over the forehead, effectively covering it. Fringes are usually swept to one side.


A technique in which a barber cuts hair such that it appears more voluminous, and layered (hence the term). Our barbers do this by employing impeccable work with their scissors.


The space behind your ears where your hairline forms an upward curve. This part should be kept as natural as possible — not too high, not too low.


A taper leaves no visible hair lines at the nape, only a gradual fade that goes from cropped at the top to barely visible at the bottom of your nape.


When the top of your hair is starkly contrasted by the sides and back via a clear line rather than a fade, we call this a “disconnection.”


“Choppy” refers to a desired texture, which, when achieved, resembles a nonchalant, messy look.


Your crown is at the top of your head and near the back, where your hair growth starts out as a slight swirl.