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That new cut is not going to maintain itself. Good thing we’ve curated a stock of premium, locally-sourced products that’ll meet all of your grooming needs.

Triumph & Disaster

This New Zealand based company combines science with the best of nature to produce ethical, naturally derived products that will leave your hair, body and face worthy of worship. Stylish packaging may tempt you to use it more often.


Founded in 1999, American barber Donnie Hawley started Layrite so that he — and barbers everywhere — could style men’s hair and wash their hands in between without wasting their time with soap. Thanks, Donnie.

Crown Shaving Co.

Toronto barber, Dino Caracciolo, takes men’s hair and shaving pretty seriously. In 2011 he started his own, old-school line of grooming products. If you’re bold enough to smell manly, this product is for you.

Always Bearded

Based out of Barrie, these guys have it all covered, from nourishing beard creams for those who don’t like shine to combs fashioned out of pure maple that absorb beard static (oh yes, beards can produce static).

Griffin Brand

Local brothers Jeff and Dan Jordan, run their beard product operation based on a small batch, quality-first ethos, using unique ingredients, like Muskoka Brewery’s beer hops (no joke). Our favourite is their charcoal activated beard soap.

19fifities Classic Men’s Grooming

Another hometown favourite, 19fifties’ “Union” line of fine hair styling products is actually named after Toronto’s eponymous train station, so how about that. Union's products are formulated by barbers, too, so you know it’s good.

There's so much to choose. I need help with this stuff.

Our crop of products is barber-approved, so our team’s happy to answer any of your grooming-related queries. And when you’re not at the shop, just email our Grooming Guy at

Got thin hair that could use some volume?

Reach for a texturizing creme, which instantly thickens locks and leaves a dry, natural finish.
Union Texturizing Creme, Layrite Grooming Spray

Want a strong hold that’ll last the day, only without shine?

Then you’ll want a pomade with balls, like one of these.
Union Matte Clay, Layrite Superhold, Layrite Cement Clay

Need a simple styling product that washes out with only water?

Try one of these water-soluble, medium hold pomades.
Layrite Original, Union Original

Got long hair that needs a little taming?

Go for either a grooming spray or some lanolin cream for some light, subtle styling.
Layrite Grooming Spray, Booster Lanolin Hair Cream

Need extra glide for that morning shave?

Then you could use a pre-shave oil.
Crown Shaving Co. Supreme Glide Pre Shave Formula

Want an all-day hold plus some shine?

Clay products that bind hair together are what you want.
Union Matte Clay, Layrite Superhold

Looking for lots of shine?

Simple — Layrite’s Supershine Cream has your back.

Want to wash that beard without drying it out?

Leave that shampoo alone. Instead, go for a beard soap.
Griffin Brand Birch Tar and Charcoal Activated Beard Soap

Need a beard tamer that smells nice?

Want something that'll leave a matte finish?

For some solid hold and a drier look, these are your guys.
Union Texturizing Creme, Layrite Cement Hair Clay


All manner of solutions to keep your crown in check.

Layrite Original Pomade

$25, 4.25 oz

An American-made classic. Subtle shine, high hold, simple.

Layrite Supershine

$25, 4.25 oz

Layrite’s highest shine available. Perfect for pompadours.

Layrite Cement Clay

$25, 4.25 oz

One of the strongest of holds without using superglue. Leaves zero shine.

Layrite Superhold

$25, 4.25 oz

For dudes with lots of hair that needs control.

Layrite Grooming Spray


A light, manageable hold that’s great for keeping longer locks in check.

Layrite Natural Matte Cream

$20, 4.25 oz

For that natural, matte look that’s easy to reshape, accept no substitutes.


Lanolin Booster Cream


A Canadian mainstay. Unlike the firmness of a pomade or clay, this offers a much lighter, more manageable hold.


Premium balms, oils, and creams that’ll tame stubble to Sasquatch.

Always Bearded Eucalyptus + Lime Beard Cream


Unlike the shine of oils, this cream leaves beards with a natural, matte look.

Always Bearded Bergamot + Ylang Beard Cream

$25, 30 ml

Conditions hair and takes care of stragglers while leaving a dry, matte finish.

Always Bearded Eucalyptus + Lime Beard Oil

$27, 30 ml

Not only softens those bristles but staves off itchiness and dryness.

Always Bearded Bergamot + Ylang Beard Oil

$27, 30 ml

It’s got Cedarwood, making it unmistakably musky. You like that.

Always Bearded Anti-Static Maple Beard Comb


Made from 100% Canadian maple. Leaves beards static-free, unlike those plastic imitators.

Griffin Brand Birch Tar Oil & Activated Charcoal Beard Soap


Charcoal’s become a thing for good reason; it’s rich in anti-fungal properties, ensuring that beard and hide stay clean.

Crown Shaving Co. Beard Balm

$24, 4 oz

Lighter than your average balm. Leaves a subtle sheen that’ll last the day.


Ditch the drugstore stuff and shave better.

Crown Shaving Co. Soothing After Shave Lotion

$24, 4 oz

Moisturizes shorn skin without leaving that sticky feeling on your fingers.

Crown Shaving Co. After Shave Tonic

$30, 4 oz

Boasting a manly scent combo of leather, tobacco, bay rum, and barber’s talc.

Crown Shaving Co. Shave Cream

$24, 8 oz

Ridiculously rich, plus the smell of eucalyptus will wake you right up. Lathers with or without a brush.

Crown Shaving Co. Supreme Glide Pre-Shave Formula

$30, 8 oz

If your hair is coarse, slather some of this on before the shave cream part and watch that blade glide like a young Gretzky.

How To Talk Barber

Ever wondered what a “number two” or a “taper” meant? Here, a few key terms you should know to get just the cut you want.


For short cuts, where the sides and back meet seamlessly with the top. Starts as quite short at the base of the neck, then gradually lengthens while going upward to the temple.

Number One

Refers to the clipper grade, or how short you want the barber to go. The lower the number, the more cropped the cut (ours go from four to zero).

A little off the top

Another way of saying “just a trim.” Bear in mind that said trim will be relative to the rest of your hair’s length. Applies to shorter cuts.


A technique used to leave the top of the hair thicker and more layered, rather than flat and thinned out.


This is the back of your neck, and the hairline there should always be kept tidy, whether that means a defined hairline or natural fade.


Also known as bangs, this is that bit of lengthy hair that grows over the forehead, effectively covering it. Fringes are usually swept to one side.


A technique in which a barber cuts hair such that it appears more voluminous, and layered (hence the term). Our barbers do this by employing impeccable work with their scissors.


The space behind your ears where your hairline forms an upward curve. This part should be kept as natural as possible — not too high, not too low.


A taper leaves no visible hair lines at the nape, only a gradual fade that goes from cropped at the top to barely visible at the bottom of your nape.


When the top of your hair is starkly contrasted by the sides and back via a clear line rather than a fade, we call this a “disconnection.”


“Choppy” refers to a desired texture, which, when achieved, resembles a nonchalant, messy look.


Your crown is at the top of your head and near the back, where your hair growth starts out as a slight swirl.