Garrisons By The Park Barbershop

Garrison's on Jarvis

63 Jarvis Street Map
Mon 10:00am – 7:00pm
Tue - Sat 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sun 11:00am – 6:00pm
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Garrison’s on Niagara

Mon-Fri: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Sat: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Sun: Closed
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Premium Cuts Made Easy

We’re here to make you look good and feel like the champion you are. The Garrison’s offer is a salon-level cut in a laid-back, friendly environment. No attitude, no scenes, just hard working barbers who still think service with a smile means something.

Your Appointment

Starts with a thorough consultation.
Is 30-45 minutes sharp: long enough to make it perfect and short enough for you to live your life.
We’ll finish things off with some product plus a few tips on how to keep that cut looking great.


Come on over and we’ll take care of you.


Cut & Style

Clippers, scissors, it doesn’t matter—our skilled team’s got you. Comes with a thorough consult and product styling.



The classic, with one length all over and a natural taper along the nape to finish things off.


Beard Trim

We’ll use clippers to get those stragglers, blend those burns and then soften the rest with oil and balm.


Straight Razor Shave

Whether you want that beard shorn or lined out, we’ll use hot towels, a straight razor, then condition with premium products.


Cut & Beard Trim

Everything from the neck up gets taken care of.  Starting with a thorough consultation on your hair and beard to a tidy up on the ears and brows if needed.

I’m driving there.
What’s the parking situation?

There’s lots of parking within an eight-minute walk of our Niagara Street location. A word to the wise: Book your appointment for anytime between Tuesday and Wednesday. Our neighbourhood’s not as bustling during those days, making parking spot hunting a cinch.

Street Parking near and around our Niagara location

East of Garrison’s

You can park on one of nearby streets that run east to west, with Queen Street West being the most practical. Sometimes, though, Queen can get jammed, so keep an eye out for spots on streets south of Queen, like Richmond, Mitchel and Adelaide West — all four-minute walks.

North of Garrison’s

Parking anywhere on the streets that run north to south next to Trinity Bellwoods Park is a good bet; to the west, Shaw and Crawford streets offer a ton of spots. Then you’ve got Gore Vale and Bellwoods streets, both of which are just east of the park. Either way, you’re looking at a nice eight-minute saunter through one of the city’s coolest neighbourhoods.

Parking Lots

803 Richmond St West (at Walnut Avenue) is just a one-minute walk, though it has a modest, 18-car capacity and tends to be busy.

12 Tecumseth Place (at King Street West) is a seven-minute walk, packs a big capacity of 100 cars, and is regularly available.

22 Caniff Street (at Stafford Street) is a seven-minute walk through Stanley Park.

So, what else is there to do in this hip neighbourhood of yours, huh?

Why, oodles of fun things.


Tokyo Smoke

, 850 Adelaide West & 668 Queen West. The newest kids on the block, and they make a damn good brew.

Jimmy’s Coffee

, @ Frank + Oak. A Toronto favourite. Ask about the barista-created seasonal originals.

White Squirrel

, 907 Queen West: The best Americanos. Fact: We opened our first shop just above this joint back in 2011, hence the whole Garrison's "by the Park."

Sam James

, 917 Queen Street West. A neighbourhood favourite among artists and creatives, and one of the only places where you can grab an affogato with soft serve ice cream.

El Almacen

, 1078 Queen Street West. This quaint, Argentinian-style cafe serves up mate, a delicious herbal tea that Argies drink. But they’ve got great coffee, too.



, 807 Queen Street West. A dive worthy of legendary status. Best spaghetti and meatballs on the strip.

Sud Forno

, 716 Queen Street West. From the Nutella-filled bombolini doughnuts to the perfect Sicilian pies, this place is straight out of Palermo.

North of Brooklyn Pizza

, 650 Queen Street West. The closest thing to an authentic New York City slice this side of the Hudson River. Get the bacon and kale.


, 676 Queen Street West. Delicious, Syrian-style flatbreads that are as unique as they are addictive.


, 720 Queen Street West. When it comes to eating good Italian on Queen West, accept no substitutes. Everything’s made in house, by the way.


, 894 Queen Street West. The vegan restaurant that was cool before vegan got cool.


Frank + Oak

, 735 Queen Street West. Think smart, practical pieces with a twist. Oh, and we’ve got our second shop at the back with two chairs. So, don’t be shy.


, 754 Queen Street West. A local start-up dedicated to simple, yet seductively soft pieces made from Egyptian cotton, like tees, sweatshirts, and socks.

Park & Province

, 927 Queen Street West. Owners Grey and Chris are menswear gurus, and their shop’s curated with unmistakable attention to detail. Think heritage wear and classic brands like Levis.


, 552 Queen Street West. Want the latest pair of Adidas Yeezy Boosts? Don’t be surprised to see a line-up outside of this place. A sneakerhead’s godsend.

How To Talk Barber

Ever wondered what a “number two” or a “taper” meant? Here, a few key terms you should know to get just the cut you want.


For short cuts, where the sides and back meet seamlessly with the top. Starts as quite short at the base of the neck, then gradually lengthens while going upward to the temple.

Number One

Refers to the clipper grade, or how short you want the barber to go. The lower the number, the more cropped the cut (ours go from four to zero).

A little off the top

Another way of saying “just a trim.” Bear in mind that said trim will be relative to the rest of your hair’s length. Applies to shorter cuts.


A technique used to leave the top of the hair thicker and more layered, rather than flat and thinned out.


This is the back of your neck, and the hairline there should always be kept tidy, whether that means a defined hairline or natural fade.


Also known as bangs, this is that bit of lengthy hair that grows over the forehead, effectively covering it. Fringes are usually swept to one side.


A technique in which a barber cuts hair such that it appears more voluminous, and layered (hence the term). Our barbers do this by employing impeccable work with their scissors.


The space behind your ears where your hairline forms an upward curve. This part should be kept as natural as possible — not too high, not too low.


A taper leaves no visible hair lines at the nape, only a gradual fade that goes from cropped at the top to barely visible at the bottom of your nape.


When the top of your hair is starkly contrasted by the sides and back via a clear line rather than a fade, we call this a “disconnection.”


“Choppy” refers to a desired texture, which, when achieved, resembles a nonchalant, messy look.


Your crown is at the top of your head and near the back, where your hair growth starts out as a slight swirl.