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Pick the Right Haircut for Your Face Shape 

You thought you could just walk in and get what Cristiano Ronaldo has? Think again. Matching your haircut to your facial contours matters. Here's a guide to getting it right.
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1. Oval: People with oval faces have it made—they can pull off pretty much any hairstyle (barring certain considerations, like glasses, or obvious battle scars).

Best Cuts: Short, tapered cuts with some simple texture on top work best, like high fades and side parts with texture or volume up top, like Jon Bernthal’s high and tight (the dude who plays Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix).

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But really, anything goes. Even longer locks, like David Beckham’s demonstrated here.

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Tip: Stay away from heavy fringes as too much weight at the forehead fattens an oval face.

2. Oblong (or Rectangular): If your face is longer and narrower (with hollow cheeks), then your cut’s got to make it shorter and wider.

Best Cuts: Balance is of the essence here, so go with something that’s lighter on top and little fuller on the sides; super tight sides will bring unwanted attention to that mug. Ask to have some textured length on top, and trimmed (but not clippered) sides. Small afros are great, too, just tell the barber keep it to about three centimetres or so, at least.

Tip: Look past longer styles, they tend to stretch out oblong shaped faces.

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3. Round: Since round faces lack lines and angles, structure and definition are in order.

Best Cuts: Opt for a style that boasts contrast, something with marked weight up top that’s clipped tightly at the sides. A subtle pompadour, slick-backor even a side part that’s slightly swept upward would do just fine here.

Tip: A nice, full beard (with some extra heft at the chin) can do double duty by lengthening and chiseling your face.

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4. Heart/Diamond: Why consolidate both shapes here? Simple, because they’re identical in that they they’re both wide at the cheeks before settling to a narrow chin. The only difference is that a heart shaped face is also wide up top, where a diamond isn’t. Either way, guys with either shape will want to get away from width in the cheeks then add a little more movement and volume up top.

Best Cuts: Cuts with heavy fringes or long side sweeps are a no brainer. As are side parts with texture up top (or other words, Ryan Reynold’s signature cut).

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Tip: Don’t go too short on the sides or you’ll end up with elephant ears. Keep things natural, like our boy Gosling here.

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5. Square: Typically wide at the temples, narrow at the middle third of the face, and angular at the jaw, a square face is the manliest of all, and almost as versatile as an oval one.

Best Cuts: Classic side part haircuts, high-fades, buzzcuts—basically most short styles will do here, but a French crop with tight sides would look the coolest. 

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By Leo Petaccia: Editor
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How To Talk Barber

Ever wondered what a “number two” or a “taper” meant? Here, a few key terms you should know to get just the cut you want.


For short cuts, where the sides and back meet seamlessly with the top. Starts as quite short at the base of the neck, then gradually lengthens while going upward to the temple.

Number One

Refers to the clipper grade, or how short you want the barber to go. The lower the number, the more cropped the cut (ours go from four to zero).

A little off the top

Another way of saying “just a trim.” Bear in mind that said trim will be relative to the rest of your hair’s length. Applies to shorter cuts.


A technique used to leave the top of the hair thicker and more layered, rather than flat and thinned out.


This is the back of your neck, and the hairline there should always be kept tidy, whether that means a defined hairline or natural fade.


Also known as bangs, this is that bit of lengthy hair that grows over the forehead, effectively covering it. Fringes are usually swept to one side.


A technique in which a barber cuts hair such that it appears more voluminous, and layered (hence the term). Our barbers do this by employing impeccable work with their scissors.


The space behind your ears where your hairline forms an upward curve. This part should be kept as natural as possible — not too high, not too low.


A taper leaves no visible hair lines at the nape, only a gradual fade that goes from cropped at the top to barely visible at the bottom of your nape.


When the top of your hair is starkly contrasted by the sides and back via a clear line rather than a fade, we call this a “disconnection.”


“Choppy” refers to a desired texture, which, when achieved, resembles a nonchalant, messy look.


Your crown is at the top of your head and near the back, where your hair growth starts out as a slight swirl.